Slope Stabilization

Slope Stabilization

Slope stabilization services can help protect your home against falling rocks, erosion, landslides and other slope-related threats. If you need rock and slope stabilization services, contact Foundation Repair Services, Inc. for expert solutions, quality work and outstanding service.

Protecting Your Home From Slope Failure

If your home is located on a hill or adjacent to a slope, protecting your home from slope failure should be a top priority. Our services help protect your home against:

  • Slope failure
  • Boulder wall failure
  • Slope creep
  • Slope erosion

Slope Stabilization Methods

  • TECCO® Mesh

    The TECCO® high-tensile mesh slope stabilization system is ideal for protecting homes and buildings adjacent to steep slopes. TECCO® boulder netting provides a flexible alternative to concrete and shotcrete barriers. The TECCO® steel wire mesh adapts to the topography, preventing rockslides and deformations. Fast installation means less worrying for you and quicker protection for your home. The high-tensile mesh is practically invisible once vegetation grows around it. And compared to shotcrete, the TECCO® slope stabilizer has a significantly lower CO2 footprint.
  • Rock Drape

    Protecting your home from rockfall is a challenge for homeowners in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Carolina Piedmont and the Great Smoky Mountains. A high-tensile steel mesh rock drape can help control rock movement. Our slope technicians anchor the rock drape to the top of the slope. Cable anchor securely fastens the drape. Loose rock is trapped behind the drape, rather than barreling down the slope and gaining momentum as it hurtles toward your house. The loose rock trapped by the drape slides down to the bottom of the slope, keeping your house out of harm’s way.
  • Shotcrete Facing

    Rockfall prevention is often the best defense against rockfall damage to homes. In some cases, shotcrete facing can be applied as a temporary protection of exposed rock surfaces. Shotcrete can also be used to permanently cover slopes to prevent erosion or deterioration. Fiber-reinforced shotcrete provides enhanced slope protection.
  • Anchored Soldier Pile Walls

    Soldier piles and lagging walls stabilize slopes and prevent catastrophic damage using vertical steel piles and horizontal lagging. The steel piles are driven or drilled into the earth at regular intervals. Wood, steel or concrete panels are inserted, forming an effective wall barrier against slope failure, falling rocks and other slope debris.

    Soldier pile walls are also used for temporary and permanent excavation shoring. When making an excavation adjacent to an existing structure or roadway, an anchored soldier pile wall can be installed to secure the existing structure and protect those working in the excavation below. Depending on the depth of the excavation and the soil characteristics, sometimes a cantilevered soldier pile wall can be installed, which basically means there are no tiebacks required, i.e., the soldier piles are embedded deep enough below the bottom of the excavation to support the soil above without the need for tiebacks.

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