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North Carolina

If you’re looking for a foundation repair specialty contractor in North Carolina, we are your firm! Whether your business, commercial property or home is experiencing foundation issues, our team of professionals can analyze your situation and provide you with a solution in a timely manner.

With the ever expansive and contractive properties of North Carolina’s red clay soil, foundation issues are quite common, both inland and along the coastline. Foundation Repair Services is very familiar with local geological conditions and we have been providing professional foundation services for North Carolinian homeowners, homebuilders and business owners for many years.

What We Do in North Carolina - Residential, Commercial and Builder Services

Our NC builders and commercial clients have hired us to fix:

  • Walls that have bulged outward or bowed inward
  • Walls that have stepped, sheared or horizontal cracks
  • Eroded slopes and falling rocks
  • Collapsed retaining walls
  • Cracked concrete slabs

We have repaired the following for homeowners in NC:

  • Interior walls (even upstairs) that have cracked
  • Brick walls that have cracked (horizontal, vertical and stepped)
  • Chimneys that are leaning or off-center
  • Basement walls that are bent or bowed
  • Doors and windows that don’t close with ease

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