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Who We Serve

We provide comprehensive foundation repairs to numerous types of customers throughout the region. We have leveraged our expertise to help:

  • Builders: We work with contractors and builders to help with remodeling projects, renovations, and new construction. We know the building process inside and out, enabling us to be true partners with these companies and ensure they complete their projects on-time and on-budget.

  • Commercial Businesses: Whether it’s installing helical piers, providing grouting, applying carbon fiber reinforcements or another type of service, commercial property owners and businesses know they can depend on us to do the job right. Our capabilities make it possible for us to save our clients a significant amount of money by resolving their foundation issues before they get worse.

  • Homeowners: Cracked basement walls, moisture leaking into crawlspaces and sagging floors can add up to major headaches for our residential clients. That’s why so many turn to us because we can offer the ideal solution for their foundation repair. Whether they need basement wall repair, retaining walls or help with sinking concrete slabs, we have the experience and skills needed to resolve their issues so they can be comfortable in their homes once again.

Foundation Repair Services: Building on a Solid Foundation of Knowledge and Expertise

Warning Signs of Foundation Issues

Your foundation most likely won’t become a major issue overnight. However, there are several warning signs that might appear minor at first but can lead to serious problems if you don’t deal with them right away. These include tiny cracks in your basement’s walls, puddles of water forming after heavy storms or doors that get stuck in their frames.

Foundation Repairs

Depending on the nature and severity of your property’s foundation issues, there are many different techniques for resolving them. Some of these, such as steel piles, helical piers, or micropiles are relatively complex procedures and generally are used for major repairs. Other methods, including slab jacking, epoxy injection and stitch welding, are less involved and handle minor fixes.

As a licensed general contractor specializing in geotechnical issues related to foundation construction, failing slopes and retaining walls and other structural elements, our highly trained, skilled professional foundation repair contractors know how to solve problems of any size — from repairing a crack to installing a large soil nail wall.

We provide our foundation repair services to Residential, Builder and Commercial clients throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Eastern Tennessee.

What Makes us Unique

With so many foundation companies and foundation repair companies out there, how do you choose the best foundation contractor for foundation repairs in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Eastern Tennessee? When you choose Foundation Repair Services, Inc. as your foundation specialists you are partnering with licensed contractors. This license ensures we are held to a higher standard of code and conduct.


Our people are highly trained and professional. We value honest work, competitive pricing and job safety. We listen first, and we’re easy to work with. The earlier our foundation repair company gets involved in the process, the more we can help.

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When solving foundation problems, flexibility and creativity are our strongest assets. We can work under almost any circumstances and within almost any time frame to meet your expectations for foundation repair in Charlotte, NC, and other areas.


Our scalability allows us to deliver foundation solutions and results on projects large and small, simple and complex. Approaching each job with proper planning from the beginning allows us to reduce or eliminate problems, change-orders and shutdowns that slow your foundation repair project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of foundation problems?

Some of the most common indicators of trouble with your foundation include uneven floors, cracks appearing in your brickwork, doors and windows that don’t open easily, and spaces that appear between your wall and floor. Any of these could be an early warning sign that your foundation needs expert attention ASAP.

What causes foundation cracks?

There are a number of reasons why your foundation might be starting to shift or sink. One of the most common of these is heavy clay content in the soil underneath it. This can move around as seasonal changes impact the ground, exerting pressure on your foundation. Another frequent culprit is soil that is either too moist or too dry. The moisture content of the soil can impact its ability to support your structure. This means leaky plumbing or inadequate drainage around your property also can lead to problems with your foundation.

Do all cracks mean foundation problems?

Although cracks in your foundation can look scary, the truth is not all of them are serious. If you see tiny, hairline cracks appearing in your basement walls, for example, they could be caused by the concrete shrinking slightly during the curing process. However, it’s best to have experts come in to assess any cracks you see in case they’re a sign of something more troublesome.

When should I be worried about foundation cracks?

If you notice cracks that are more than a tenth of an inch in width, are wider at one end than at the other or appear to be completely horizontal, chances are they’re a sign of a big problem that needs to be addressed. If you notice water leaking into your structure from a crack, that should be taken as another indicator that you have an issue.

Which cracks in my foundation are serious?

In essence, any cracks that appear wider than a hairline should be taken as seriously as possible. Other cracks you shouldn’t ignore include those that can be seen on the exterior foundation wall as well as inside and those that appear in groups. If you notice anything like these anywhere in your foundation, it’s time to call in the experts to help you deal with them.

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“Thank you to Foundation Repair Services! We were so pleased to have work completed that lived up to the advertising and testimonials. We found FRS professional, courteous and trustworthy… The estimator really sized up what was needed to repair our foundation and prevent any further damage. He was courteous and professional. We were worked into the schedule without having to wait very long, and the repairmen arrived on time, worked hard and cleaned up afterward.”
— Bob and Carol Bell