3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Concrete Repair Contractor

Investing in concrete repair for your property adds to its safety and value, but you want to be certain you choose the right contractor. As you gather bids and look at contractor reputations, look for three things: workmanship, procedures and materials.


Your contractor is responsible for making durable repairs that are inconspicuous and well bonded to the existing surfaces. As you look at photographs or properties from the contractor’s past jobs, make sure the repairs are not clearly visible.

Concrete repair is a manual job, and as such requires a skilled team of workers. As you consider the workmanship, consider the workforce. You want to work with a team that is properly trained in modern concrete repair procedures and is vigilant in ensuring that standards of workmanship are maintained throughout the job. Reliability and dependability are also important.


Repairing concrete requires the use of the right methods. When ineffective repair techniques are used, the repairs will not hold or will look sloppy. For the proper bond, your concrete repair professionals must first analyze the condition of the concrete and then choose the method that will create the strongest hold.

Concrete repair can include everything from resurfacing and crack repair to grinding, polishing or coating the concrete, and the procedure must match the repair needed. Once the procedures and materials are chosen, they need to be approved by an authorized inspector, and the timing of the repair needs to allow sufficient time for the concrete to cure.


Materials are the final ingredient to a solid concrete repair. High quality, fresh and effective materials are all required. These materials also need to be used in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendation. New or unproven materials should not be used unless standard repair materials are not usable and the risk of using these unproven materials is clearly discussed with the property owner.

At Foundation Repair Services, we choose materials that have been tested by the manufacturer for quality and suitability. Our chosen materials are mixed, proportioned and handled according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, ensuring a tight bond and durable repair.

We offer the services of a skilled team of contractors who understand the intricacies of concrete work. Our team will take the time to evaluate your concrete and choose the procedures that will provide the best possible result.

For concrete repairs you can count on, trust our highly qualified team of concrete contractors. Contact us today.

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