Foundation Repairs: Why to Do Them Sooner Rather Than Later

foundation repairs sooner that later

As a homeowner, you probably tend to prioritize home repairs based on how soon they need to be addressed. If your kitchen faucet is spraying water all over the room, for example, that’s something you’ll try to fix as soon as possible. If a tree branch falls and punches a hole through your roof, that’s something else you’ll probably work on right away.

On the other hand, if you start to notice tiny cracks developing in your foundation, you might not jump to fix it immediately. After all, all homes are expected to settle a little. What’s more, a tiny crack that appears in your concrete doesn’t mean your house is in danger of falling anytime soon, does it? Basement crack repair may be one of those things you’d file under “keep an eye on it” rather than “call someone tomorrow,” but that can be the wrong idea.

Why to Pay Attention to Your Foundation

Home foundation repair is critical for your house. It should be taken care of as soon as possible. Although a few cracks in the foundation might not seem like a big deal, think of them as warning signs of something much more serious to come. Your home’s foundation may not be in any danger of crumbling to dust in the immediate future, but any signs that you may need foundation crack repair should be acted upon immediately if you want to avoid major foundation problems later.

Here are some of the best reasons why you always need to make foundation repair a high priority:

Your Home Moves Seasonally

The weather causes your home to move a small-but-significant amount, sinking during hotter months and rising during colder ones. If you don’t address any needed foundation repairs right away, this up-and-down motion can eventually wreak havoc on your plumbing — putting too much stress on your pipes and causing them to break. That means water pouring into the structure of your home and substantial repair bills.

Settling Affects More Than the Foundation

When your house begins sinking or settling to an excessive degree, it’s more than your foundation that suffers. If your house is shifting, it can mean damage to window wells, door frames and sheetrock, among other issues. Fixing foundation problems immediately means you won’t have to worry about any of these secondary repairs.

It Saves You Time and Money

Perhaps the most important reason to have your foundation repairs made sooner rather than later is cost. Although foundation repair may cost more than you’re expecting, it only gets worse when you wait. In addition to labor and material costs continuing to rise, the longer you wait to fix cracks in your foundation, the worse they will get. This is especially true if you’re planning on selling your home or making any significant home improvements. Ignoring the need for foundation repairs now will only make those projects much harder and result in more-expensive work to be done.

If you suspect you may need foundation repair in the Southeast or wherever you are, it’s not a good idea to hesitate. The longer you wait for foundation repair, the more complicated and expensive those repairs are likely to be. Even if you think you have time to get that work done, don’t wait.

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