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Does Home Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

When you purchase homeowners insurance, it’s only natural to believe that your policy covers the entire house – from the foundation to the roof. But in fact, a surprising number of North Carolina and South Carolina insurance policies don’t cover the entire home – including the foundation.

What to Do If Slope Erosion Threatens Your Home

Landslides don’t typically receive as much coverage as other natural disasters. But in terms of fatalities and property damage, the devastating effects can be just as bad:

  • Annual property damage from landslides is estimated to be between $2 billion and $4 billion
  • When adjusted for inflation, the cleanup efforts following a 1984 landslide in Thistle, Utah cost nearly $400 million (in 2010 dollars)
  • As many as 50 people are killed annually – with many more suffering from serious injuries

Landslides in Asheville, NC On the Rise Due to Record Rains

Melting ice caps are a pretty undeniable sign that the climate is changing. But you don’t have to travel to distant regions of the world to witness the effects of global warming.

The 2011 East Cost Earthquake: Two Years Later

At 1:51 p.m. EDT on August 23, 2011 — two years ago today — a rare earthquake shook the East Coast, rattling buildings from Canada to Georgia. The 5.8 magnitude quake was mild as earthquakes go, but it shed light on geotechnical engineering here in the Southeast. The two-year anniversary seems like a fitting occasion to launch the Foundation Repair Services blog.