Spring Thaw and Mudslides in North Carolina Mountains Can Threaten Homes

When you make your home in the North Carolina mountains, spring means more than beautiful flowers and warm breezes. Spring means thawing temperatures, and thawing temperatures lead to mudslides — natural occurrences that can wreak serious damage on your home. How do you know if your home is at risk? What can you do to protect it this season? Also, when damage does occur, what should you do next? To help answer those questions, here is a look at what you need to know about mudslides in North Carolina.

What Homes Are at Risk? Simply put, if your home is on a hill or next to a slope, it could be at risk. That risk also increases if your area has experienced mudslides in the past, as landslides usually happen in areas where they have occurred before.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Home? Say your home is in a high-risk location — what should you do? Start by getting a geological survey of your property. This survey will reveal areas where structural changes could direct the flow around buildings to protect your home from damage. Consult with a professional about the best ways to protect your particular residence, and you may find it best to add flexible pipefittings, build retaining walls, or build deflection walls. Once you know the likelihood of damage occurring and take preventative steps against it, create an evacuation plan for your household, should damage occur and compromise your safety.

What Should You Do About Mudslide Damage? Obviously the best way to deal with potential mudslides is prevention — but when unexpected situations have already occurred, you still have hope. There are many slope repair options and stabilization techniques available to repair mudslide damage. Among them are the following, available through experienced foundation repair professionals.


  • Tecco mesh
  • Rock drape
  • Shotcrete facing
  • Soldier piles & lagging walls
  • Sheet piling
  • Terracing & benching
  • Improved drainage
  • Sheet piles

While mudslides can cause a lot of damage to property, understanding the facts is half the battle. Evaluate your property and its risk of damage, and take the necessary steps to protect it. That way, you can go on enjoying the beauty and grandeur of the area for years to come.

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