Water Drainage Problems? Foundation Damage May Be Next

From hurricanes to earthquakes to subsidence, there are a thousand different problems that can harm your home’s foundation. But one of the most damaging is improper water drainage.

When there is too much water surrounding your foundation, the soil swells. Not enough, and the soil shrinks. If the expansions and contractions aren’t uniform, this can lead to cracks, shifts, and other types of foundation problems.

In the past, water drainage issues were relatively isolated phenomena. Some communities were susceptible – others were not. End of story.

But in recent years, water drainage problems continue to crop up in the unlikeliest of places. North Carolina, for example, has experienced heavier-than-normal rains, leading to a host of landslides, floods, and water damage.

  • In 2013 alone, Highlands, NC has received more than 77” of rain (and the year’s not even over yet)
  • Brevard isn’t far behind, with 29” more rainfall than average

Honestly, the news is bad all over W. North Carolina – from Boone to Black Mountain. And the problem will only get worse. With climate change and shifting weather patterns, damage from heavy rains will become more unpredictable and destructive in the coming years.

Protecting Your Home’s Foundation from Water Damage

The news is bad. But it could be worse. After all, improper water drainage is both detectable and fixable. Once discovered, there exists a range of improvements you can make to divert excess water away from your foundation (or redirect badly needed water to parched regions around your home).

If you live in a high-risk area, the best course of action is to consult a foundation expert, geologist, or aquifer technician to survey your property for potential problems.

What constitutes a “high-risk” area?

Well, if you live anywhere near the types of landslides and floods that continue making headlines in North Carolina, you’re probably a good candidate for professional help.

But you don’t have to wait for natural disasters to alert you to potential risks. If you notice your soil’s composition rapidly changing (too wet, too dry, sink holes, soil erosion etc.), you’ll want to make some phone calls before the problem gets worse.

Are Water Drainage Improvements Really the Best Answer?

Many homeowners initially balk at the idea of spending money upfront to fix improper water drainage – especially if the problem isn’t terribly obvious at first.

But left unaddressed, even minor water drainage issues can grow beyond control. This is true across the entire country, but it’s particularly true in the Carolinas where rainfall continues to reach unprecedented levels.

At the end of the day, fixing water drainage is usually much cheaper than repairing foundation problems – especially since foundation damage isn’t normally covered under most North Carolina and South Carolina home insurance policies.

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