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Providing Our Foundation Repair Expertise to Builders in North and South Carolina

Foundation Repair Services, Inc. works with commercial builders and homebuilders throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. We offer our professional expertise in the areas of foundation repair and support for both existing and new structures.

We take great pride in our builder foundation repair contractors working with local and state home and commercial builders. Our foundation repair experts specialize in understanding the construction process of new homes and commercial buildings. Without an understanding of this process, an accurate repair plan would not be possible.

Our expertise includes:

Stitch Welding Repair

Foundation Repair Services has been repairing concrete foundations since 2004. We have found that one of the ways to successfully repair cracks in concrete foundations is to stitch weld them together with epoxy. Or, inject epoxy into foundation cr...

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Concrete Repair for Builders

When you need foundation repair from crack repair to leveling for a building you are constructing, restoring or remodeling, you need a company that understands the fundamentals of concrete foundations, walls and floors and the loads they support. ...

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Basement Wall Repair

Builders understand the bar is set extremely high for them. Their clients expect and deserve a near-flawless outcome when they purchase new construction. Although builders have ultimate responsibility for the quality of the finished project, the...

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Retaining Walls

Some of the most important elements of a project’s foundation are the retaining walls. Retaining walls hold back soil and aggregate and prevent them from pushing against the base of the structure. Without them, a house or other property can experi...

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How We Help Area Builders

Our people understand the construction process and we know the local soil conditions better than anyone. This knowledge, combined with our expertise in foundations, allows us to help builders solve complex foundation-related structural problems.

Foundation Repair Services, Inc. helps builders with these types of existing foundation repairs:

  • Voids between the slab and soil beneath
  • Sinking slabs
  • Concrete cracks
  • Cracks in basement walls
  • Leaning retaining walls
  • Protection from slope failure

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