Stitch Welding Repair

stitch welding repair

Foundation Repair Services has been repairing concrete foundations since 2004. We have found that one of the ways to successfully repair cracks in concrete foundations is to stitch weld them together with epoxy. Or, inject epoxy into foundation cracks in order to reinforce the concrete and restore structural integrity. Learn why we recommend epoxy stitch welding.

The Benefits

  • Epoxy weld can be used on interior and exterior concrete slabs and foundation walls
  • Epoxy weld is designed to provide a permanent, long-lasting solution
  • Epoxy weld fills and seals concrete slab foundations and foundation walls

Stitch Welding and Epoxy Injections for Foundation Cracks

Epoxy stitch welding and epoxy injections or (epoxy welds) can help stabilize and repair a concrete foundation that has cracked due to shifting soil, tension or compression factors, which is a must for builders planning to do additional work on commercial and industrial buildings.

The Epoxy Weld Process

Epoxy welds involve epoxy injections for foundation repair and allowing it to cure, after the building’s foundation has been leveled and stabilized. This epoxy injection fills, welds and seals the crack in order to repair the damage and prevent further harm to the foundation. This technique can be used on foundation walls and slabs.

Epoxy Stitch Welding Process

Epoxy stitch welding is used to repair large foundation cracks that need additional support. During this procedure, specially designed metal staples, rebar staples or carbon fiber strips are used to reinforce the crack and the area around the crack after the site has been properly cleaned and prepared. Then, epoxy is injected into the crack and allowed to cure.

Contact Foundation Repair Services for Epoxy Crack Repair

Here at Foundation Repair Services, we can evaluate your building’s foundation and recommend the solution to stabilize and level the foundation and repair any cracks so that you can complete the rest of your project on time and within budget.

We are the best source for stitch welding repairs in Charlotte, North Carolina — and our expertise has served numerous clients. Due to our extensive experience and comprehensive capabilities, we have been called upon by builders as well as commercial and residential property owners. No matter what type of foundation help you need, we can do it all for you.

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