Commercial Foundation Repair Services

No matter the project, Foundation Repair Services is experienced and poised to help. We offer a wide array of foundation techniques and solutions.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcing

Foundation Repair Services installs carbon fiber reinforcing to strengthen concrete structural members such as columns, beams and walls. Carbon fiber can be used to repair damaged or deteriorated structures or to increase their load-carrying capac...

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Serving the Southeast: North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and VirginiaFoundation Repair Services, Inc. performs several types of grouting services. These include: Pressure GroutingPressure grouting, also called slab jacking, is done by ...

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Helical Anchors

If you’re securing a new foundation or repairing an existing one in the Southeast, you’ll be looking at helical anchors to complete your project. Helical anchors, often called screw anchors, are commonly used for underpinning and settlement arres...

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Micropiles and Minipiles

Micropiles, also called minipiles, are small-diameter piles that are constructed by drilling a hole, typically 2" to 8" in diameter, deep into the soil, inserting a high-strength threaded bar or pipe, and filling the hole with high strength grout....

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New Construction Piles

Serving North and South Carolina and the Southeast including GA, TN and VAFoundation Repair Services, Inc. offers new construction piles when building on soft or unsuitable soils. Whether it’s a new structure or a building addition, FRS can instal...

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Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is an earth retention technique commonly used to support retaining walls, stabilize slopes, and for excavation support. How Soil Nailing WorksIn a typical soil nailing project, a soil nail is drilled into the soil strata. Soil nails ...

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Pile Services And Deep Foundation Repair

Building a foundation that will be strong enough to last or repairing one requires a lot of knowledge and experience. The use of soldier piles and lagging to hold back earth has been a common practice for more than a century. Foundation Repair Se...

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Tieback Anchors

Serving North and South Carolina and the Southeast including GA, TN and VAFoundation Repair Services, Inc. installs pre-engineered tieback systems for earth retention, foundation support, wall support and other applications. Applications for Tieb...

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TECCO Mesh For Slope Stabilization

Is your structure located on or adjacent to a slope? Foundation Repair Services can help protect your commercial building from damage due to the failure of a slope or boulder wall. We also work to prevent damages caused by erosion or creep. Our sl...

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Emergency Foundation Repair

Once in a while, a foundation-related calamity occurs. We have been called on numerous times to make emergency repairs to structures, walls and slopes. When you find yourself in the middle of a structural emergency, contact our experts. Contact...

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Common Foundation Repair Issues We Assist With:

Serving the Southeast: NC, SC, GA, TN and VA

  • Commercial foundation settlement
  • New commercial construction
  • Residential development
  • High-rise foundations
  • Bridge and tunnel construction
  • Building site preparation

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About Our Clients

We specialize in meeting the deep foundation needs of clients throughout the Southeastern U.S. Among our commercial clients are:

  • General Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Soil Engineers
  • Homebuilders
  • Commercial Builders
  • Property Managers
  • Road Builders
  • Marine Builders/Marine Engineers