Carbon Fiber Reinforcing

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The use of carbon fiber for foundation reinforcement makes fixing cracks or bowing in your walls a relatively simple job. Foundation Repair Services has the skills and expertise necessary to provide carbon fiber foundation repair that can restore damaged or deteriorated structures.

How It Works and When You Might Need It

Carbon fiber foundation straps are made from high-tensile-strength fibers that are woven with Kevlar strands to create sheets that are lightweight but extremely strong. In some cases, these materials can be up to 10 times stronger than steel. Depending on the application, the straps can take the form of strips, mats or wraps.

Situations that call for carbon fiber basement repair typically include horizontal cracks in the concrete and walls that are slightly bowed. The foundation straps are glued into place over the wall with the use of an epoxy resin that holds them firmly in place. With the installation of a steel angle at the top of the carbon fiber strap, there is now enough reinforcement to keep the foundation wall from experiencing further damage. The entire installation process takes less than a day in most circumstances, and the straps can be painted over or covered with drywall.

The Benefits of This Procedure

Compared to the traditional method of reinforcing basement walls with I-beams, carbon fiber foundation reinforcement offers property owners a number of advantages. Because the material can be applied directly to the walls with the use of epoxy, the work can be done quickly and with minimal disruption to the homeowner’s daily routine. It also eliminates the need for making costly and messy alterations to the foundation before installing the reinforcement. Once the job is completed, the newly reinforced concrete requires no further maintenance and can easily be hidden from sight with paint or drywall. What’s more, this entire process costs far less than using I-beams.

Why Choose Foundation Repair Services?

We have the experience and know-how needed to perform this type of work. As fully licensed contractors, you can count on us to do this and every job with professionalism and courtesy. No matter what the challenges, we strive to solve problems for our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. When you need expert help to repair or reinforce your basement or foundation walls, there’s no better place to turn than Foundation Repair Services.

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