Chemical Grouting In Charlotte, North Carolina

chemical grouting

Chemical grouting increases the strength and stiffness of the soil by transforming granular soils into a solid stone-like mass. The polyurethane grout is pressure-injected through a pipe into low-cohesion soils. As it permeates the soil, the chemical grout converts soil into a solid mass with reduced permeability. 

Using chemical grouting for soil stabilization can be highly effective because it not only binds loose dirt together, it also fills gaps and prevents the ground from compressing further. This process also helps keep water from leaking into the area over time, causing additional instability. Chemical grouting is best suited for sands and for soils above the treatment zones for compaction grouting.

Uses of Chemical Grouting 

Chemical grouting is used for:

  • Underpinning of existing foundations
  • Creating support walls for excavation
  • Stabilizing soils for tunneling
  • Creating water-cutoff walls
  • Sinkhole repair


Common areas for chemical grouting are pool decks, sidewalks and beneath slab foundations.

Benefits of Chemical Grouting

  • Can usually be completed without interrupting facility operations
  • Viable in difficult-to-access areas
  • Ideal for areas where space is limited
  • Does not require structural connection to a foundation 

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