Compaction Grouting

compaction grouting

Compaction grouting is a ground improvement technique that increases the strength and firmness of the ground. Low-mobility grout is slowly injected into the ground through an injection pipe. As the grout mass expands, water and air are forced out. Soil particles are rearranged (soil compaction), making the soil denser.

Applications of Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting can be used to:

  • Increase bearing capacity of soils
  • Stop or prevent foundation settlement
  • Reduce liquefaction potential
  • Treat sinkholes or reduce existing sinkholes
  • Lift and level structures
  • Improve a construction site prior to construction
  • Stabilize underground structures such as tunnels and pipes


Compaction grouting is viable in various subsurface conditions, such as:

  • Rubble fills
  • Poorly compact fills
  • Poorly placed fills
  • Loose or collapsible soils
  • Sinkhole sites
  • Liquefiable soils

Advantages of Compaction Grouting

  • More economical than piling and other conventional techniques
  • Viable in difficult-to-access areas
  • Ideal for areas where space is limited
  • Ideal for use beneath existing structures
  • Does not require structural connection to a foundation
  • Can be applied above or below the water table

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