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Foundation Repair Services has the experience and expertise necessary to help contractors install a deep pile foundation or to repair and stabilize an existing foundation. Our deep foundation services will serve to strengthen your foundation and give you peace of mind.

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Types of Piles

There are many types of piles used for constructing foundations, and choosing the right piles for any project means knowing the condition of the foundation as well as whether or not there will be any additions made to the building once the foundation is complete.

H Piles

Steel H piles work best in dense soils or rock because they can bear more load through the pile to the tip than other types of piles.

Helical Piers

Resembling large screws, helical piers are screwed into the ground rather than driven, resulting in less soil displacement and lowered environmental impact. Helical piersalso are frequently used for deep foundation repair or to strengthen an existing foundation. Helical piles and helical piers are used interchangeably.

Timber Piles

For structures that aren’t as heavy, timber piles offer greater speed of installation than other types of piles, meaning lower construction costs in most cases.


Micropiles — piles with much smaller diameter than typical — are being used more frequently in areas where soil conditions are poor or space is at a premium. They can be installed with relatively little disturbance to the surrounding area and can utilize the load-bearing capacity of rock surrounding them. These piles also are often used to repair existing foundations.

Sheet Piles

These piles create a wall by connecting to each other, providing extensive resistance to bending and added structural strength to the building.

How We Can Serve You

Foundation Repair Services is one of the most experienced and qualified contractors in the region. We can leverage our experience to deliver the strongest results for your foundation project.

When you choose Foundation Repair Services to help with your deep foundation repair in Charlotte, North Carolina, here’s how we work:

  • Evaluation: First, our expert estimators will make a site visit if necessary, review the project plans and determine your site’s precise needs.
  • Recommendation: Once we complete our evaluation and a scope of work has been determined, we’ll provide you with a proposal for the services your site needs.
  • Repair/Installation: Whether it’s a repair to an existing structure or a deep foundation system for something new, keeping your project on schedule is our top priority.

Your Trusted Pile Services Source

Foundation Repair Services’ primary purpose is to provide superior pile foundations for your projects. Our many years of experience as leading foundation contractors means we know more about your foundation and its needs than anyone else. When you choose Foundation Repair Services for your project, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the most complete services, resulting in the strongest possible foundation for your project.

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