Soldier Pile Installation In North Carolina

If your commercial property’s foundation is suffering from cracks, sinking or other issues, the experts here at Foundation Repair Services are here to help. Our expertise means we can find the proper method for resolving whatever is wrong with your property. For example, soldier piles and lagging walls are a popular solution due to their relative simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Read on to learn more about how they function, how they can be used for your project and why Foundation Repair Services is the expert you should call to provide soldier pile installation in North Carolina.

About Soldier Piles & Lagging Walls

Soldier piles and lagging walls are commonly used for temporary means of holding back soil while problems with foundation walls are fixed or foundation walls are built. In addition, for a permanent retaining wall precast concrete or steel panels may be used. Tie back anchors and bracing may also be used to provide additional support depending on the project.

Soldier pile walls can serve numerous applications in construction. For instance, they may be used temporarily to hold back soil after excavation to facilitate repair work on a foundation. However, they also may be employed on a permanent basis, specifically in urban construction sites where sloped designs are not feasible. Typically, the materials and installation techniques used will vary based on whether the soldier pile retaining walls are meant to be removed later or not.

How Do They Work?

Steel soldier beams are driven into the earth at regular intervals, generally between 6 feet and 12 feet apart. Once this step is completed, lagging is secured between them. This may be constructed of wooden slats, concrete panels or steel barriers depending on the temporary or permanent nature of the project.

The presence of lagging helps hold dirt and aggregate in place and transfers the load to the piles while excavation and other work is completed. Soldier pile shoring is a critical component of many projects related to foundation repairs or new construction because it allows crews to work without worrying about the effects of ground pressure.

Benefits of Soldier Piles and Lagging Walls


There are a number of reasons why you should consider soldier pile wall installation in North Carolina for your project. These include:

  • Versatility: One of the best qualities of soldier piles is that they can be adjusted on the spot.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to other retaining wall options, these are among the most affordable.
  • Speed of Installation: Because they take less time to install than other options, these are a good choice for keeping projects on schedule.
  • Durability: Using high-strength materials means these retaining walls can last for a long time.
  • Adaptability: These walls can be installed using a variety of materials, meaning they can be built to suit the specific conditions of the site and application.


Why Choose Foundation Repair Services?

We’ve helped many customers through the installation of soldier beam and lagging wall solutions. For nearly 15 years, we have been at the forefront of the industry in the Southeast because we understand the region’s unique building challenges. We’re dedicated to solving our clients’ problems, no matter how complex they may appear to be.

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