TECCO® Mesh Slope Stabilization

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Is your structure located on or adjacent to a slope? Foundation Repair Services can help protect your commercial building from damage due to the failure of a slope or boulder wall. We also work to prevent damages caused by erosion or creep. Our slope stabilization services help eliminate the risks to your structure from falling rocks and landslides as well.

We use the TECCO® slope stabilization system to protect buildings on or adjacent to steep slopes. TECCO® boulder netting provides a flexible alternative to concrete and shotcrete barriers. With this option among our capabilities, we have the capacity to keep your property secure and give you some much-needed peace of mind.

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Key Benefits of TECCO® Mesh

Made of high-tensile steel wires woven into strong netting, this product is at the center of a simple but powerful slope stabilization method. This system typically is anchored to the ground using spike plates and boundary ropes to hold it securely. When it is in place, landslides will do less damage because the barrier it creates is designed to block large boulders and other debris.

Although this protection certainly is the most important aspect of how TECCO® mesh works, it isn’t the only advantage it offers. For example:

  • This product can be installed much faster than other slope stabilization methods. This means it can be deployed at the first sign of danger and provide near-instant protection.
  • Because of its thin but resilient steel wire construction, it allows vegetation to grow through it after it has been installed. Once this growth occurs, the mesh is virtually invisible. This significantly reduces the impact it has on the aesthetics of your property.
  • It also can be powder coated in a variety of colors, helping it blend into the environment even further


Using the TECCO® slope stabilization system also provides a number of benefits from a sustainability standpoint.

  • Its arrangement allows for water to flow through it without trouble, preventing runoff problems that are common with other stabilizing solutions.
  • The fact that it allows plants to grow through it also makes it more eco-friendly than other options.
  • Compared with other methods such as shotcrete, this system has a much smaller carbon footprint, further contributing to its sustainability.

The versatility of TECCO® mesh makes it perfect for multiple applications. Not only can it be used to stabilize soil, but it also can be used to strengthen the banks along bodies of water and prevent erosion.

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Foundation Repair Services has extensive experience implementing TECCO® mesh stabilization in Charlotte, North Carolina. There’s no better choice for providing security and added confidence than our knowledgeable professionals. For more information about what we can do or to get started, contact us today.

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