Tieback Anchor System In North Carolina

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Serving North and South Carolina

Foundation Repair Services, Inc. installs pre-engineered tieback anchoring systems for earth retention, foundation support, wall support and other applications.

Applications for Tieback Walls

Tieback anchors are commonly used to resist lateral loading and to underpin a foundation prior to excavation. In many areas, soil conditions require that these be used in conjunction with sheet pile systems or soldier piles. Our experience in providing these services throughout the southeastern U.S. has enabled us to develop a unique perspective and detailed knowledge about local soil conditions and which solutions are best for each site.

The depth of our know-how and our extensive capabilities make us the best place to turn for installing a tieback anchor system in North Carolina. When putting your faith in us, you will receive outstanding service and results that last.

Common uses for tieback anchors include retaining walls, MSE walls and seawalls. Most of the retaining walls we build use them to provide the horizontal resisting force.

We install tiebacks for a variety of applications, including:

  • Grouted tiebacks — These tiebacks feature the addition of grout pumped into the anchor holes. The grout provides added stability through soil resistance, making it more difficult for the tieback to pull free from the hole or for the wall to collapse.
  • Helical tiebacks — Helical wall anchors are screwed directly into the ground. Their relatively simple installation method makes them ideal for sites where access may be limited, and soil disturbance must be kept to a minimum.
  • Driven tiebacks — Utilizing soil nails or other forms of driven piles helps stabilize slopes that otherwise might experience destabilization due to excavation or other activity.
  • Walers — When used in conjunction with tiebacks, these expandable hydraulic shoring units help create stable trenches by pushing against the wall on each side. These provide stronger support with trench sheeting and can be installed with the use of a manually operated pump.
  • Anchored soldier piles — Installed as a framework for flagging walls, these are driven into the soil and used to hold sheets of metal, wood or precast concrete in place. This type of pile is most commonly used for deep excavations in or near highly sensitive areas. We can provide retaining wall tiebacks that add to their stability.
  • Drape/mesh — The use of wire mesh to hold hillsides or slopes in place is common in many construction projects. Our expertise enables us to use anchors to secure these successfully.

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