Tieback Anchor System Installation

Tieback Anchors

Serving North and South Carolina and the Southeast including GA, TN and VA

Foundation Repair Services, Inc. installs pre-engineered tieback systems for earth retention, foundation support, wall support and other applications.

Applications for Tieback Walls

Tiebacks are commonly used to resist lateral loading and to underpin a foundation prior to excavation. In many areas, soil conditions require that tiebacks be used in conjunction with sheet pile systems or soldier piles. Our experience in providing foundation services throughout the Southeastern U.S. gives us a unique knowledge about local soil conditions and which solutions are best for your site.

Common applications for tiebacks include, retaining walls, MSE walls and seawalls. Most of the retaining walls we build use tiebacks to provide the horizontal resisting force.

Foundation Repair Services installs tiebacks for a variety of applications, including:

  • Grouted tiebacks
  • Helical tiebacks
  • Driven tiebacks
  • Whalers
  • Anchored soldier piles
  • Drape/mesh

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