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Serving the Southeast: NC and SC

Foundation Repair Services is one of the leading residential foundation repair companies in the Southeastern United States. Since launching in 2004, we’ve helped homeowners throughout North and South Carolina with foundation fixes and a range of related repairs.

Foundation failure is a serious issue, but as a homeowner, there are many steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of major damage. Common DIY strategies include:

Intelligent Landscaping
Planting trees and bushes strategically around your property helps to soak up excessive moisture and keep soil in place. Just don’t plant them too close — you want to prevent future root systems from coming in direct contact with your home’s foundation.

Simple Home Improvements
Cleaning gutters and making sure downspouts eject water far from your home can help prevent foundation damage. Water damage is a leading cause of foundation failure.

Property Inspections
Conduct periodic inspections to check for early warning signs of foundation damage. Things to look for include:

  • Mold and moisture buildup
  • Home foundation cracks and fissures in walls
  • Crumbling concrete (especially in the basement)
  • Buckling walls and leaning chimneys
  • Loose-fitting doors and windows


The above steps can help delay the inevitable — but they can’t stop it. When foundation failure does happen, immediate intervention is required. The longer you delay calling a professional for residential foundation repair, the more dangerous the problem becomes, and the more expensive it is to fix.

Let Us Manage Your Foundation Project

Experienced Local Foundation Repair Technicians

Foundation failure can happen anywhere in the world, but the exact causes and recommended treatments are often location-specific. In the Carolinas, for example, expansive soil varieties combined with unusually heavy rainfall can create any number of geotechnical issues that compromise your home’s foundation. In fact, landslides, soil erosion and uncontrolled water damage are increasingly common occurrences in this region of the country. This is why, when hiring professionals, you want a residential foundation repair team that is familiar with the area like Foundation Repair Services, Inc. Local technicians are best equipped to identify and solve the problem.