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Although your home’s foundation may appear to be as solid as a rock, unchanging for years if not decades, the truth is that the effects of time take their toll on your foundation slowly over the years. In some cases, the effects of time and wear can make themselves known in a snap, causing your foundation or retaining walls to crumble in an instant.

When disaster strikes, and you need emergency foundation repair, look no further than Foundation Repair Services. We can attack your emergency repairs with a cool head, creative solutions and flexibility. We will perform any necessary emergency repairs to your slopes, walls and structures so your home will be back to normal as quickly as humanly possible.

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Our Emergency Repair Services

Foundation Repair Services is the area emergency foundation repair contractor you can count on to deliver the best results because we have the expertise and experience necessary to tackle virtually any type of emergency house foundation repair. We have the know-how and capabilities needed to handle emergencies such as:

  • Slope failure: When erosion causes a slope on your property to collapse, you need service that can shore it up fast until a permanent solution can be installed. Using TECCO® high-tensile wire mesh, we can create a quick, flexible barrier that will prevent a slope from deteriorating further.
  • Slab failure: Improper soil compaction can lead to concrete patios and slabs sinking suddenly into the Earth, resulting in cracks and uneven foundations. Foundation Repair Services can provide immediate resurfacing and leveling to bring sinking slabs back into their proper alignment. What’s more, our detailed inspections can identify the best way to create a long-term solution.
  • Retaining wall collapse: When retaining walls don’t have proper drainage around them, soils can expand and push against them, causing them to buckle and eventually fail. Foundation Repair Services can install a temporary soldier pile wall or lagging wall to shore up your failing retaining wall, giving it extra support and stability until a permanent solution can be found.
  • Grouting repairs: Sometimes, a sagging foundation or slab can be rescued through the application of grout. We have expertise in many forms of grouting that can solidify weak soils or lift sinking slabs. This is typically performed by drilling holes into the concrete and pumping grout underneath it.


When your home needs emergency concrete slab foundation repairs, you can’t afford to lose a single moment searching for a solution. Fortunately, Foundation Repair Services has the experience and the knowledge you need to find and deliver a solution to your home’s foundation troubles quickly and effectively, so you can get back to normal as fast as possible.

If you need emergency repairs or any other type of foundation service, reach out to Foundation Repair Services.

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