New Construction Piles

new construction piles

Sometimes, simply building a structure on top of the ground isn’t enough. There are many situations in which the earth is too soft or otherwise too unstable to support a new home. This is where building piles become necessary. Piling construction serves to bring much-needed stability to homes and commercial properties that might be in danger of sinking into the soil without it. Foundation Repair Services has extensive capabilities when it comes to installing helical piers for residential projects and virtually all other types of building on piles. If your project is to be built on unsuitable soils, we will install new construction piles that are deep enough to hit stable soil or bedrock. We install these for home additions as well as for new homes. Check out our project gallery to see more.

How Piles Bring Stability to a Project

Piles serve to distribute the load of a structure through softer ground to more solid earth or bedrock underneath it. On some job sites, the uppermost layer of dirt is not strong enough to support a heavy foundation. If built directly onto this type of surface, it eventually will begin to sink, causing serious damage to the structure. By extending deeper into the earth, a pile can hit substrates that are more stable, preventing this problem. Piles can be especially useful in large-scale applications such as high-rises and bridges, but virtually any structure that is built in areas with soft topsoil can benefit from their use.

The Value of Professional Expertise

Piles are driven into the ground in one of two ways. They are either hammered in place by a pile driver or, in the case of helical piles, driven with a screwing motion. In either case, only experienced professionals who understand the proper techniques should perform their installation. If you don’t have a knowledgeable contractor handling this task, your new construction could lack necessary support.

Why Choose Foundation Repair Services?

Since 2004, we’ve been dedicated to serving builders and homeowners with the most comprehensive foundation repair and restoration capabilities found anywhere in the region. As a licensed contractor, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of quality and ethics than many of our competitors. This ensures that our customers always receive the best service.

Our focus is on solving problems for our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to resolve issues no matter how complex they may appear to be. Our team of knowledgeable professionals works closely with you to ensure that we always find the most effective solutions to whatever construction needs you may have.

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