Residential Retaining Wall Repairs In North Carolina


Retaining walls do a lot to keep your property safe and secure. That’s why when they begin to crack, lean or bow, fixing them as soon as possible should be your top priority. Failing to fix your retaining walls can lead to extensive and expensive repairs.

Foundation Repair Services has helped countless homeowners throughout North and South Carolina by providing expert repair work to shore up their retaining walls. Get in touch with us today to find out what makes us the leaders for residential retaining wall repairs in North Carolina.

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When to Call Us for Help

Signs of trouble could include rotting wood, crumbling sections or cracks. Often, these issues are the result of improper drainage around the retaining wall foundation. When the soil around retaining walls is saturated, it can expand, causing even the strongest wall to weaken and eventually give way.

Some other signs that you may need the help of experienced concrete retaining wall contractors include:

  • Walls that are tilting
  • Walls that seem to be buckling or moving
  • Separation between the retaining wall and adjoining walls

Our Retaining Wall Solutions

No one has more experience with retaining wall repair throughout the Charlotte area, and we serve the rest of North Carolina and South Carolina as well. That means we can deliver precisely the right solution for your problem, no matter what the situation or conditions.

  • Helical tiebacks: Helical tiebacks work by drilling a screw-like anchor into the soil behind your wall, then attaching it to the wall with a plate.
  • Driven tiebacks: Instead of screwing these tiebacks in, they are pushed into the soil.
  • Soldier pile and lagging walls: Pile retaining walls involve driving steel I-beams into the earth to help hold soils and aggregate in place by placing lagging in between the beams that typically consists of wood, steel or concrete panels that form a barrier against ground pressure.
  • Soil nail walls: This technique involves inserting long, tension-resistant steel bars into the soil to reinforce the ground.
  • Grouted anchor walls: With this method, grout is pumped into the holes where tieback anchors have been installed to provide additional support.

Our Process

When you call on us for help, you’ll receive comprehensive service every step of the way. We will assess your retaining walls and determine the cracked wall repair method that will make the most sense given its condition and the nature of your property.

Because no one knows more about residential retaining wall repair than we do, there’s no better source for retaining wall repairs than us. Click here to see examples of some of our past work. To learn more about everything we can do for you or to schedule an appointment, get in touch today.

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