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Commercial Foundation Services

Foundation Repair Services, Inc., is the leading authority on commercial property foundation-related fixes in Eastern Tennessee. Our skilled technicians implement proven strategies to prevent foundation failure. In instances when structural damage has already occurred, we can immediately correct the problem before it becomes worse.

Businesses that contract our foundation repair services benefit from fully licensed professionals with more than 20 years of advanced expertise in the industry. Commercial clients consistently praise our workmanship, both through glowing testimonials and referrals.

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Commercial Services

Foundation failure can be an incredibly costly and dangerous affair. Left unaddressed, even minor problems can quickly worsen, putting your entire building in jeopardy.

This problem is especially pronounced in the greater Knoxville region. Complex root systems that once held Tennessee’s topsoil in place have slowly disappeared after centuries of agricultural overproduction. Furthermore, Knoxville suffers from expansive red clay — a soil variety that does a very poor job of draining excess rainwater. As a result, landslides and soil erosion are commonplace, causing foundation failure with much greater frequency.

The best course of action is to address the early warning signs of foundation damage before the problem worsens. This is why we offer a number of preventive solutions to help stabilize your commercial structure and prevent foundation failure. The moment you see any of the following, you should contact us immediately:

  • Buckling walls
  • Improperly fitting doors and windows
  • Sagging roofs, floors and ceilings
  • Poor water drainage
  • Fissures, cracks and crumbling throughout the property


Our foundation repair team immediately corrects the problem, eliminating the need for more drastic intervention. But what happens if the damage is already too severe?

Emergency Foundation Repair Services in Eastern Tennessee

In cases where foundation failure has already occurred, we provide a number of emergency repair services for our commercial clients, including:

  • Soil erosion correction
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Soldier piles and lagging walls
  • Screw (or helical) anchors
  • Tieback systems (driven, helical and grouted)
  • Micropiles and minipiles
  • Concrete crack repair
  • Carbon fiber reinforced concrete
  • Soil nailing
  • Grouting (permeation, compaction, pressure, chemical and fracture)
  • Slope stabilization (shotcrete, TECCO® mesh, anchored soldier pile walls and rock drape)


These solutions not only correct the problem, but they can dramatically reduce the likelihood of foundation-related issues from reappearing in the future.

Where We Work in Eastern Tennessee

Headquartered in the Carolinas, we regularly dispatch our foundation repair teams throughout Eastern Tennessee counties. In addition to Knox County, we also service:

  • Blount County
  • Bradley County
  • Carter County
  • Cocke County
  • Grainger County
  • Greene County
  • Hamblen County
  • Hancock County
  • Hawkins County
  • Jefferson County
  • Johnson County
  • McMinn County
  • Monroe County
  • Polk County
  • Rhea County
  • Roane County
  • Sevier County
  • Sullivan County
  • Unicoi County
  • Washington County


If your county isn’t listed, contact us directly. We can send our foundation repair teams throughout the Southeastern U.S.

Services We Offer in Knoxville, Tennessee

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