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Almost nothing is as important to the condition and safety of your home or business as its foundation. If yours is experiencing problems, they need to be addressed as soon as possible. Even tiny cracks and slight shifting can lead to serious damage over time, resulting in your structure becoming unsafe and uninhabitable.

Here are some warning signs your property could be in need of repairs:

  • Foundation walls are buckling or bowing
  • Doors and windows stick or won’t close properly
  • Cracks appear in walls and ceilings
  • Interior concrete floors are sinking or buckling
  • Gaps are present between your floors and walls

Let Us Manage Your Foundation Project

If you experience any indications of foundation trouble, contact Foundation Repair Services today. As one of the area’s leading concrete foundation repair companies, we can provide you with a complete evaluation of your property and a fast repair estimate.

When it comes to foundation repair in Hendersonville, NC, we’re the area’s go-to resource and have served countless homeowners, builders and commercial enterprises in Asheville and throughout western North Carolina.

Slope Erosion in the High Country

Living in this part of the country means many structures are built on fragile rock slopes and expansive soils. Combined with the potential for landslides, these challenging conditions make it necessary for foundations to be reinforced and stabilized. We can implement several techniques, including:

Importance of Drainage

Because so many buildings in western North Carolina are built on a slope, hillside or other non-flat grade, they are susceptible to stability issues. Flooding, cooler temperatures and saturated soils may cause these conditions. Draining excess water away from the base of a structure is essential to protecting the integrity of the foundation.

If you see signs of water seepage or accumulation around your property, it may be time to install a proper drainage system or evaluate the foundation. As the leader in Hendersonville foundation repair services, we have the experience and expertise necessary to address any and all issues common to the region.

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