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The professionals at Foundation Repair Services, Inc. are the preferred foundation experts in Fort Mill. By contracting our services, you benefit from expert technicians who employ proven techniques to resolve some of the most common geotechnical problems that builders and property owners face.

We stand out as the best source for foundation repair in Fort Mill, SC, because we’re fully licensed contractors. This means you can rest easy choosing us because we hold ourselves to a higher standard of quality and ethics than many of our competitors.

When choosing us to be your residential or commercial foundation contractors, you’ll know you’re working with highly qualified professionals who specialize in solving problems for our clients. We’re proud to serve Fort Mill as well as the communities of CharlotteAsheville and Hickory in North Carolina.

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Why Foundation Damage in Fort Mill Is on the Rise

Foundation failure in our region isn’t new. Centuries of extensive agricultural development have destroyed many of the root systems that once held the topsoil in place. This now loose earth often results in landslides and soil displacement — two of the primary causes of foundation damage. In addition, the greater Fort Mill metro area is notorious for its Cecil and Bohicket red clay varieties whose rapid expansions and contractions place undue stress on building foundations.

In recent years, another leading cause has emerged. Unusually heavy rainy seasons have made proper water drainage more challenging for homeowners and businesses alike. Excessive moisture seeps into cracks and crevices, turning minor foundation issues into structural problems that require emergency intervention. This is why we recommend regularly scanning for the early warning signs of foundation failure, including:

  • Leaning chimneys and buckling walls
  • Sagging floors and ceilings
  • Crumbling cement and rotting wood
  • Moisture buildup (during dry spells)
  • Parched earth (after storms)
  • Poorly fitted doors and windows


Ignored long enough, trivial structural issues can easily escalate into full-scale foundation failure. This is why early prevention is paramount. At the first potential sign of foundation damage, contact our expert concrete foundation repair team immediately.

What We Do in Fort Mill, SC

Our technicians offer the entire range of preventive maintenance, diagnostic analysis and emergency repairs.

If you are a homeowner or builder in Fort Mill, contact our team for assistance with:

  • Retaining walls, slope erosion and soil stabilization
  • Buckling, sagging or cracked walls (interior or exterior)
  • Water damage, irrigation issues and plumbing leaks
  • Cracked, leaning or crumbling chimneys
  • All types of foundation repair

If you are a commercial property owner, contact us for any of the above services. We also provide advanced support for:

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