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You live, build or own commercial property in the Greenville–Spartanburg area. Your property is valuable to you both personally and financially – so don’t let foundation damage destroy it! A damaged foundation can lead to major structural problems with your home. If your property shows signs of foundation damage or you’re worried about the risk of developing this problem, don’t hesitate to call Foundation Repair Services. We can provide foundation repair in Greenville, SC — and make sure your property stays safe and well supported.

The signs of a faulty foundation are:

  • Bowed or buckled foundation walls
  • Wall and ceiling cracks
  • Gaps between your floor and walls
  • Windows and doors that get stuck or are difficult to open and close
  • Concrete floors that are buckled or sunken

Let Us Manage Your Foundation Project

Who We Are … and Why Our Approach Sets Us Apart

We’ve been one of the area’s top residential and commercial foundation contractors since 2004, delivering the first-class foundation repairs that Greenville–Spartanburg home and business owners depend upon. We pride ourselves on being a creative foundation construction company, and our goal is to find the best solutions to the foundation challenges in upstate South Carolina. We have high standards when it comes to the work we do. Whether your project is a minor one or a large-scale concrete foundation repair, our team has the skills, qualifications and experience to handle it.

What We Do in Greenville – Spartanburg, SC

When it comes to foundations, Greenville–Spartanburg homes and businesses often experience damage due to soil problems. If your property is built on soft or expansive soil, such as clay, your foundation can be damaged over time. Our expertise as commercial and residential foundation contractors means we can provide the following repair and preventive services:
  • Foundation Repair If you have cracks or other signs of foundation damage, we solve the problem by using a helical pier underpinning system, a micropile system or other solution that gives your building permanent support.
  • Slope Stabilization We use TECCO® mesh, rock drape, shotcrete fencing, anchored soldier pile walls and other types of repair methods to provide slope protection and reduce the risk of damage from slope erosion or failure.
  • Concrete Repair We inspect your property and promptly fix problems with your concrete foundation, patio, floor, wall, stairs or slab.
  • Foundation Underpinning If your building is at risk of developing foundation damage from soil conditions, flooding or an unstable foundation, we can solve that problem. We use underpinning techniques to provide support and strengthen your property’s foundation.
  • Retaining Wall Repair Does your home or business have tilted or crumbling retaining walls or adjoining walls that are separated? We can perform the necessary repairs.

Services We Offer in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina