Foundation Damage FAQ

You’ve got questions about foundation damage. We have answers. Below are some of the most common questions we get from homeowners.

For inquiries related to costs and the signs of damage, please check out the pages dedicated to these issues:

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Can erosion cause home foundation damage?
Yes! Soil erosion is a main cause of foundation cracks.

Can a cracked basement wall be resurfaced?
Wait … don’t plaster that basement wall crack! While it may appear to be purely cosmetic, a basement wall crack is a sign of more serious foundation problems. Contact a professional to learn more about crack repairs.

How much does it cost to repair leaning basement walls?
A better question is, “How much will it cost to ignore it?” Luckily, you’re already researching repairs. Learn more about the costs of basement wall repair by clicking on the link above, or contact us to request an estimate.

How do I fix a house that is sliding down a slope?
Yikes! A house sliding down a hill is a major problem, not to be undertaken as a DIY project. This calls for a professional. We can help. And since homes built on slopes are common in Asheville, Boone, Blowing Rock and other mountain towns in the Carolinas, we’re located nearby to get there quickly. Don’t let your home be at risk another day — call us at 704-545-0206 for emergency services!

How do I repair a leaning sea wall?
There are numerous techniques for fixing a sea wall, including anchors and tiebacks. Each seawall repair is unique — call us to get started on an estimate.

Is a leaning chimney a sign of structural damage?
Yes, it might be. Contact us for an inspection and estimate.

Will cracks on a wall widen over time?
Usually. A cracked wall is a sign of foundation problems . It doesn’t matter if you have cracks inside the house or exterior wall cracks — the problem will only worsen. That’s not news any homeowner wants to hear, but repairing a foundation early can prevent major costs later. Get those wall cracks checked out by a pro!