Sinking Concrete Slabs

Sinking Concrete Slabs

Is Your Concrete Slab Sinking?

One of the most common areas to find concrete slab damage is a patio. Many concrete patios were installed by DIY “weekend warriors” who may have overlooked proper soil compaction. The result: A phone call to the concrete patio repair contractors.Cracks in concrete slabs can be caused by normal shrinkage during the curing process; however, concrete slabs can also crack and settle if the subgrade soils beneath are settling. Soil settling can be a result of improper soil compaction, water leaks, poor drainage, or the presence of unsuitable materials in the soil.

For interior concrete floors, concrete leveling and resurfacing can help to remedy uneven slab surfaces. Concrete floor repairs often indicate the presence of foundation damage, so we always recommend a detailed inspection before repairing a concrete floor.

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